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About Us is a part of the Procard International family.

For more than ten years, our networks have been providing access to some of the largest physician, dental, vision, and prescription drug services across the country. Our PCI card holders can get substantial savings on their important family health care needs, and with our easy to use discount card, PCI card holders can benefit from our services whether they have insurance or not.

Finally, the power of the Internet has come to your local community. And with and our Internet services, consumers can now enjoy great discounts at thousands of their favorite local restaurants, movie theatres, coffee houses, retail stores, dry cleaners, professional care services for the home, and much more.

Along with the representation of over 1,000,000 professionals and local businesses, we have taken the initiative to substantially help the environment through and our upcoming Our quality products and services are known throughout the country, and we have maintained a "good standing" record with all recognized state, federal, and consumer organizations.

  • We were established over 10 years ago.
  • Our professional networks have over 10,000,000 PCI card holders accessing them each year.
  • We have over 10,000 successfully trained Associates.
  • We are considered in “good standing” with all state and federal regulatory agencies. Due to our outstanding Customer Service Support Staff, PCI’s complaint rate is less than .0001% (1/10,000).

Not available in KS, UT, VT or WA.
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