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Special Bulletin, Discount Bargains By The Bushel Basket
Hi, I am Marleen Roberts. It is so good of you to come visiting. My husband and I are in our golden years and these are the happiest years of my life.

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Oh, it's nothing to do with ProCard. For the last 40 years I've been a peripatetic traveler roaming over the western half of America with discount coupons to cut the cost. Earl and I have written about many more than a few of the many destinations we have visited. Our best stories have lasted for years because we wrote about nice people who made a difference in the world around them. There is still a market for that sort of story.

Nice people have a thread common to other nice people. Sometimes they need a bit of help, but more often they are more anxious to give it. The world needs more nice people like that, we always say. Earl and I have made it a point to help bereaved people for years now. It is a time when the slightest helpful gesture is allowed. 

Have you ever noticed how the common life threads give us all a lift when they are recognized?  One such common thread is that everyone wants to save money these days so now I don't have to drive a thousand miles to get a bargain. Right when I needed it most ProCard launched it's biggest budgetary expansion.  Entire family can now enjoy discounts of up to 50% at some of the stores and restaurants they go to everyday!  

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I like working with Local Discounts because...
I like helping people. I love helping people get the best things out of life. With Local Discounts I get paid for helping. You can't beat that deal.

- Marleen

Not available in KS, UT, VT or WA.
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